Goodreads Giveaway - It's OK, probably better if you are not a robot

Yoga for Grief Relief: Simple Practices for Transforming Your Grieving Mind and Body - Antonio Sausys

OMG! I won another one! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Bullet Review:

I like yoga well enough, not that I've taken any real classes, but I attend sometimes at the gym and I enjoy what I do there. So I was pleased as punch when I won this through the Goodreads Giveaway program.

NOTE: I won this through Goodreads Giveaway. This does not influence my rating whatsoever.

Anyway, I really think how much you get out of this book will depend on A) how serious your grief is, B) how seriously you take yoga, and C) how much you think yoga can help your mind. I 100% believe that your mind controls a lot of your body; that said, a lot of the book's contents aren't on actual yoga routines, but more of the thought-process behind grief. Some interesting concepts, some odd one.

Mostly, though, I was interested in the routines, which were a bit lacking. They amounted mostly to breathing - a really tough exercise to be sure, but still, I was hoping for more poses. The most complicated pose is the "Windmill", which is mostly just rotating your arms - supposedly this is supposed to bring up a lot of emotions. Neither I nor my sister found this to be true (to be honest, my sister spent most of the time laughing at how silly I looked); it was, however, a really good workout. I guess this just means that people who think I'm a robot are in fact right: I am a robot, I have no emotions.

I certainly don't regret this, and I do think there are some great insights into ALL forms of grief (not just the "someone died" version of grief either). Americans are terrible about acknowledging grief, and it's nice to have a book that's OK with accepting that no, you aren't OK.