Reading progress update: I've read 193 out of 388 pages.

Burn - Ted Dekker, Erin Healy

I'm nearly at my wits end. NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Janeal is basically running around, hands in the air because Sanso ratted her out - but WHY this is a problem is never addressed. Because she feels guilty? Because she doesn't want Robert to know? With all the blabbing Janeal does in her head WHY CAN'T SHE SAY THIS???


The reappearance of Katie reminds me of why I can't read Christian fiction. Even in the heyday, when I was a bright young 20, I would have HATED Katie for her goody-goody-ness, her impossibly perfect attitude, I would have HATED how Janeal is villainized for being successful, I would have HATED how Robert is such a DOUCHE that he drags along TWO WOMEN in his quest for being the biggest prick.


But mostly - NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Pages go by but nothing actually happens! It's all words that meander and go back and forth but nowhere in particular.


I get the impression that Erin Healey had more to do with the writing than Dekker, in which case, I'm NEVER reading Healey again.