Some good, some bad

Wonder Woman, Vol. 5: Ends of the Earth - Gail Simone, Aaron Lopresti, Bernard Chang, Matt Ryan

Bullet Review:

Gail Simone is just simply awesome; I had heard she did a run on Wonder Woman, my goddess, so I definitely thought that would be a killer combination. One of my favorite comic book authors + my favorite superheroine?!

While I LOVE how Simone deftly writes Wonder Woman - her dialogue, her voice, her character - I was less than impressed with the storyline. Wonder Woman meets the man with no soul, who somehow transports her away from her world (with Etta Candy in the room no less!), then teams up with Beowulf (?!), Claw (who?) to defeat the Devil (really?) all the while struggling to keep the compassion and soul that she is best known for. Meanwhile a dude named Tom investigates Agent Prince and Agent Candy and encounters some giant gorillas (?!?!).

The second story is a bit better, and I think that's because it embraces its campiness. Hollywood is going to make a Wonder Woman movie, so they ask for her to consult. Instead, WW faces off with the Wicked Queen who thinks WW is Snow White.

The best part is that Simone seems to know how to write WW the best of the authors I've read (and man, she totally is a chameleon! There is absolutely NO confusing WW with Batgirl here!). I also love that Etta Candy makes an appearance, I believe that we even see the 70's mod Diana Prince, and there are some AWESOME pro-women quotes. The bad parts are that I didn't really care for the main story (End of the World), it was weird and confusing (especially since I hadn't read ANY of the comics before this one), and I wish WW didn't have to have a love interest and be wanting babehs.

I will, however, be eagerly awaiting getting my hands on more of Simone's run with WW.